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All-in-one collaboration solution. For non-profit organizations, sports clubs, small to medium-sized businesses. Nice, very nice,

django Organice is a nice way to run a collaboration platform, an intranet, and websites for your business. It’s a compilation of the best Django packages, preconfigured for getting you started quickly. Being powered by the well-known Django Web framework it’s a safe choice for your IT investment providing an easily extensible architecture.

Primary goal of the software is to provide an absolutely intuitive, consistent user experience. Because in fast-paced, flexible, probably small-margin businesses you don’t have the time to invest in training your staff. We build on promising, reliable Django components, and rather invest in those projects than build source code here. We expect to continually tune the compilation to keep the source footprint small, keeping the project lean and responsive.

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Major components of django Organice are:

  • Django Web framework
  • full-featured content management (django CMS)
  • full-featured versatile blog (Zinnia, cmsplugin)
  • events with event calendar (via Zinnia)
  • flexible contact pages (cmsplugin)
  • link collection pages
  • full-featured newsletter (Emencia)
  • user profiles (userena)
  • multi-language support
  • multiple websites support
  • database support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more

Features on the roadmap include:

  • social login (Python Social Auth)
  • group spaces with automatic mailing list (group_name@yoursite.tld)
  • issue list / task management
  • documentation area / wiki (probably by use of CMS functionality)
  • discussion forum / Q&A board (Askbot, Misago)
  • content download for magazine generation
  • unobtrusive, integrated, transparent document and asset management
  • DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, etc. integration
  • fully integrated search (Haystack)
  • web analytics respecting your privacy (Piwik)
  • live chat or chat integration

Who is using django Organice?

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